Ideas to save on the Christmas table

The day comes that you realize that the year is gone and we are close to the holidays. Are you already thinking about where you are going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas? We recommend that you take notes of the following ideas to save if you have to organize any of the meals at home:

 Ideas to save if you have to organize any of the meals at home

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  • More cash, less card : It is better to use cash because it helps you not spend more. It is estimated that, on average, we spend 20% more paying by card. If you can’t help it, choose the debit instead of the credit, put a limit on the amounts.
  • Save with a good provision forecast : obviously you are not going to buy the vegetables a month before so they rot in the refrigerator. But if there are products that you know you will need and do not expire: drinks, canned goods, jams. In this way, assembling the Christmas table will be cheaper than if you wait until December 23 to go to the market.
  • Buy the gifts in advance : In addition to saving money, you will save queues and disappointments for sold out products. Think about who you are going to give them and what you want to give them. Clothes, toys, books, are all options that you can buy with time and save anywhere.
  • Beware of misleading offers : During the Christmas season you have to be especially careful with the “hook offers” of very cheap products. The typical offer: “the second unit at 50%” but the products are more expensive than anywhere else. Don’t put aside the motto “cheap is expensive”.

Avoid the temptation of advertising that floods all places, so as not to fall into over-indebtedness

Save energy (and money): Renew incandescent garlands with other LEDs. They are more expensive to enter, but they spend much less and last longer.

  • I distributed the tasks : do not load yourself with the whole menu alone. If you are going to join several families you can ask each one to collaborate preparing part of the menu. Thus the expenses and the tasks will be distributed.
  • Congratulations 2.0 : There was a time when it was expected to send greetings cards for parties by mail. With all the innovations of technology, you can download personalized cards to send via e-mail or what´s app. Also if you want to do something more personal, you have the option of managing a video.
  • Christmas DIY : do you want to change Christmas ornaments or make a different table centerpiece but you ran out of budget? Do not be distressed, if you have time and a little skill you can prepare your ornaments yourself! On the internet we can find many instructions on how to make a DIY Christmas. We leave you some ideas that you can do here. .

We hope these tips help you! We wish you a very happy holiday from Gades Pal!

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